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国际海运整箱拼柜到新加坡 、到越南双清,启运港上海海运出口拼箱到印度尼西亚安佩南国际运输 海运 拼箱

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Guangzhou - ho chi minh: weight ratio of 1CBM:500KG
General cargo light cargo: less than 3CBM 900RMB/CBM greater than 3CBM 800RMB/CBM. If the single shipment is less than 1CBM, it will be charged according to 1CBM.
General cargo weight: 1.8RMB/KG
Warehousing fee: none

Shipping date: (fixed) the container will be loaded on Monday, and the ship will depart on Wednesday. The goods can be delivered 7-8 days after the ship leaves, and the latest warehousing time: 5:00 PM on Saturday. (shipping schedule will be adjusted later)

The above price is only for ordinary products, special products need single ticket to confirm customs clearance. Such as textiles, leather, bicycle accessories and other goods. The cost is the cost after the customs clearance from our domestic warehouse to the foreign warehouse, excluding the ho chi minh distribution fee and the freight from your domestic factory to our warehouse.

Ii. Cargo requirements
1. Incoming goods there shall be obvious and identifiable marks on the outer packing of each piece of goods for the convenience of inspection and distribution. The format of shipping mark is suggested to be region + abbreviation of your company name + abbreviation of customer name + number of pieces. For example, the corresponding format of 30 pieces of goods from guangzhou xlt-zs-30 is gz-xlt-zs-30.
2. The packaging of the goods shall meet the requirements of long-distance transportation, such as lamps, machinery and equipment, fragile and fragile goods. Please prepare the wooden boxes for the customers, otherwise, our company will not be responsible for the damage of the goods during transportation.
3. After the warehouse receives the goods, please ask the customer to provide a detailed list of goods and relevant product information, so as to arrange customs declaration and other matters with our company.
4. Our company does not undertake the following goods: dangerous goods, liquid, food, batteries, imitation brands and goods prohibited from export by the state. Customer demand is the power of our continuous improvement, customer satisfaction is the goal we always pursue. Bangjie intimate and thoughtful service will make your goods export effort and worry!!! Close cooperation with airlines and shipping companies ensures that we are able to provide faster, more convenient and more affordable air and sea transportation services. At the same time, we can operate goods on all routes serving China, and we are committed to providing one-stop door-to-door service. The company also works with a number of teams. Has a strong inland shipping network, often help customers operate FOB inland shipping this section. Our company has the advantage of shipping routes, such as: southeast Asia, Middle East, India and Pakistan red sea, Europe, America and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, central and South America. Advantage of air routes, such as: Europe, north and South America. Import and export of professional processes and quality service by customers. Our company is one of the top ten freight forwarders in Shanghai. Have long experience, skilled operation and thoughtful service.

LCL 1. The products provide one-stop foreign trade transportation services including warehousing, cargo packaging, loading and unloading, customs clearance, shipping, document making, etc., which is economical, fast, safe and reliable. 2. We have been engaged in shipping LCL for many years and can provide LCL service for bulk cargo in Shanghai, shenzhen, guangzhou and other places. LCL strength of the company, LCL ports throughout the world, belongs to the strength of the pearl river delta LCL makers. And LCL price is low, weekly flights and stability, very competitive. It has a good reputation in the market. 3, in more than 100 countries in the world more than 500 port cities have reliable credit, rapid communication of overseas agents and branch offices, comprehensive handling of freight and miscellaneous charges to pay, triangle trade transfer, port to port transport services. 4. Use the company's own import and export rights to provide customers with safe and reliable export declaration agents, commodity inspection and production services, collect letters of credit through the company's off-case account, and collect payment for goods and related fees. You can't go wrong!广州-胡志明:1CBM重量比:500KG
一般轻货:小于3CBM 900元/CBM大于3CBM 800元/CBM。如果单票货物少于1CBM,按1CBM收费。



1. 进货时,每件商品的外包装上应有明显的、可识别的标志,便于查验和配送。唛头格式建议是地区+公司名称缩写+客户名称缩写+件数。例如,广州xlt-zs-30的30件货物对应的格式是gz-xlt-zs-30。
2. 货物的包装应符合长途运输的要求,如灯具、机械设备、易碎品、易碎品等。请为客户准备好木箱,否则货物在运输过程中的损坏我公司不负责。
4. 本公司不经营下列货物:危险品、液体、食品、电池、仿冒品和国家禁止出口的货物。客户的需求是我们不断改进的动力,客户的满意是我们始终追求的目标。邦杰贴心周到的服务将使您的商品出口省心省力!!与航空公司和航运公司紧密合作,确保我们能够提供更快、更方便、更实惠的航空和海运服务。同时,我们可以在中国的所有航线上经营货物,我们致力于提供一站式的门到门服务。该公司还与多个团队合作。拥有强大的内河航运网络,经常帮助客户操作FOB内河航运这一环节。公司拥有东南亚、中东、印度、巴基斯坦红海、欧洲、美洲、加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰、中南美洲等航线优势。航线优势,如:欧洲、北美、南美。专业的进出口流程和优质的客户服务。我公司是上海十大货运代理之一。经验丰富,操作熟练,服务周到。

拼箱1。产品提供仓储、货物包装、装卸、报关、运输、单证制作等一条龙外贸运输服务,经济、快捷、安全可靠。2. 我司从事拼箱业务多年,可为上海、深圳、广州等地的散货提供拼箱服务。公司的拼箱实力,拼箱港口遍布全球,属于珠三角拼箱实力的制造者。而且拼箱价格低,每周航班稳定,非常有竞争力。它在市场上有很好的声誉。3、在全球100多个国家的500多个港口城市拥有可靠的信用,快捷的海外代理和分支机构通讯,综合办理货运杂费支付,三角贸易中转,港口到港口的运输服务。4. 利用公司自身的进出口权,为客户提供安全可靠的出口报关代理、商检及生产服务,通过公司的off-case账户收取信用证,收取货款及相关费用。你不会出错的!

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    凭借其综合优势和多年的业务发展,公司与国内外船公司建立了密切而密切的关系,以确保有效和有利的运费。 服务路线覆盖欧洲,美国,加拿大,澳大利亚,澳大利亚,韩国,日本,东南亚。 台湾,孟加拉湾,非洲,红海等世界各地。







    • 自主开发第三代物流管理系统,实现对货物信息及时掌控。
    • 专注于优化门到门服务、价格以及售后服务达到行内领先水平。
    • 我们提供仓储,清关,交货,分拣,运输,包装,清关和交货等增值服务。
      • 港口服务:广州、深圳至新加坡等国家海运散货、整柜门到门海运专线。
      • 免费到门:提供免费派送上门服务(除孤岛、偏远山区无法运输派送)。
      • 承运商品:日用品类、服装类、玩具类、五金类、灯具类、建筑类、电子产品类、家具类、食品类
    • 除一般商品外,还承接危险品和大宗商品及物件的运输需求
    • 出口海运费用明细:包含中国的报关费、文件费、出口单、码头费、商检费、海运费等与出口国的清关费、派送费


    1. 海运服务范围:拼箱,整柜,陆运拖车,仓储,配送,报关,报关,保险。优质的目的港服务,满足客户的各种需求
    2. 我司自有车辆可以提供珠三角上门取货,省外可配合安排国内长途运输
    3. 从包裹到库、打包完成到发往目的地,都会有邮寄通知,客户也可自行到公司官网查询包裹实时运输状态。
      1. 中国国内县级以上的城市均可上门取件或送箱到门,全球98%的国家均可派送到门。
      2. 可根据每位客户实际情况及存放安排,提供免费仓库存放
      3. 代付快递到付、国内运输费用,还可提供运费到付等服务
    4. 提供货物包装说明,更换包装,压缩量,免费包装和加固,确保长途运输安全。
    5. 如果您有运输货物需求,请联系电话:18826441634
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